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Tips for socially conscious branding

Updated: May 26, 2022

Branding used to be driven by the bottom line, but profit alone is not enough for businesses to stay afloat anymore. As our societal value system evolves, education levels rise, and global awareness grows, traditional branding has given way to conscious branding. Rather than approaching consumers as a means to an end of selling products, socially conscious branding is all about opening up a two-way conversation about social issues and current events. For businesses both big and small, we know what it takes to ensure that your brand resonates with customers and leaves a lasting impression – read on to learn more!

Make your stance clear

Business to consumer transactions extends much deeper now than a simple product on the market. Instead, customers are seeking out companies who share their values and morals. Consider the following statistics from a 2018 report of 1,004 individuals:

  • 51% of consumers believe that personal actions like donating, recycling, and buying ethically can make a substantial difference in the world.

  • A staggering 88% of consumers would like businesses to help them be more environmentally and socially conscious throughout daily life.

  • 28% of consumers strongly believe that businesses make it easier for them to be more conscious.

Being clear about what you stand for undoubtedly requires bravery. As such, it can seem intimidating. However, integrating your values into your branding and everyday operations is sure to strengthen engagement with customers who share your values more than ever before.

Speak with actions as well as words

Consumers in the modern age are not content with just written statements anymore; they want to see their favourite brands walk the walk as well. Many people have gotten burnt out on outdated marketing techniques and false advertising. Adopting a more conscious approach to the way your brand presents itself is one of the best ways to show that you are not only doing your part in social and environmental progress but also proving yourself as a thought leader in your niche. There are plenty of ways to take action but the onus is on you to involve yourself and your brand in the collective change for good. Move to eco-friendly operations, collect donations, take part in activism, raise awareness of lesser-known social issues, or find something else to do that takes charge of a movement. Creating transparency and accountability between your brand and your customers will lift you higher than the competition by making you more desirable to work with.

Align business decisions with your values

The best way to make sure that your brand is being guided by your morals day after day is by determining your core brand values. Start by doing a basic online search for core values and take note of each individual one that resonates with you (e.g., acceptance, innovation, resilience, etc.). Then, categorise all your selected values into similar groups and choose your final words by what you feel best represents your deepest values. For example, determining that you embrace open-mindedness from an overarching theme of acceptance. After narrowing down the values that will define your brand going forward, consider cultivating partnerships with other brands that share your principles. Not only does co-branding serve as an effective way to double awareness of an issue and increase the impacts of your efforts within society, but it also expands the visibility of both brands. Whenever you need to make a decision or chart a course for your business, prioritise your brand values and it will be sure to attract customers who share those. Conscious branding isn’t just the right thing to do for the well-being of society – it will be one of the defining mechanisms of profit going forward into the future, as well. Customers want to know the purpose behind a product or why businesses donate to certain causes because they are more deliberate than ever about taking part in brands. Be that voice of change and adapt conscious branding if you haven’t already, your brand will enjoy greater longevity and success for it. To get help assessing your brand and determining if it needs a refresh, contact The Marketing Bungalow! With over 30 years of combined experience, we have a very organic understanding of marketing strategy, on-trend graphic design and creative agency solutions to help your business remain one step ahead of the competition.


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