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Please stop asking graphic designers if their designs can be edited or converted into Word or PowerPoint templates.

Even as we witness increased integration of AI and platforms like Canva, a noticeable distinction persists between designs curated by qualified graphic designers and those lacking formal qualifications or experience. At The Marketing Bungalow, we are happy to be starting to work more with Canva in addition to our existing design software, which is still our bread-and-butter go-to. Did you know the Canva team demonstrates Canva to agency design professionals via one of their in-house design professionals? Just like a lawyer or accountant, the role has its specialist language. The good people at Canva recognise that the best work comes nine times out of 10 from the professionals, and they nurture that even with the evolving landscape.

While certain design elements can be templated, it's essential to recognise that this often comes with aesthetic limitations to accommodate non-design experienced users.

As the owner of a creative agency, I've observed a growing misconception and perhaps a lack of appreciation for professional graphic design. Assuming a graphic designer's artwork should inherently be editable overlooks the nuanced nature of the design process, suggesting a potential misunderstanding of the profession. Inquiring about the editability of a qualified graphic designer's work is an ick moment for most in the field. Graphic designers, frequently possessing tertiary qualifications, invest substantial time refining their craft, mastering technical software, comprehending complex theories, and infusing creativity into their work. It is a trade.

And let's never underestimate that professional graphic design plays a pivotal role in brand development and health. Consistency fosters brand recognition and trust, making professional design integral to any effective branding strategy. So next time you want that In Design file converted to Word to update it yourself (that won't work, friend), prioritise understanding and respecting the expertise that professional graphic designers bring to the table for a more impactful visual communication strategy.


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