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Nail the results you need by creating a killer brief

If a brand-new website, elevated marketing collateral or even a brand refresh is your destination, then consider the brief as your map. This document serves to provide your creative agency with each problem that you’d like to solve while supplementing your vision with important details and considerations. As the client, nailing your brief is the best way to ensure an end result you'll be thrilled with. With over 60 years of combined experience in branding and agency, we know all the ins and outs of an excellent brief – keep reading to learn our best tips and secrets!

Explain Your Background

Before getting to work on your project, we use briefs to acclimate ourselves with your company. It should include basic information about who you are, what you do, and which services or products you offer. Then, delve into the more intimate details such as your history, size, and company values. Making your present positioning clear empowers us to bring you exactly where you want to go!

Budget and Deadline

No matter the size of your budget or the length of your deadline, these two things allow the creative team to gauge the feasibility of your project while helping you bring it to life. Budgets – even those that are vague – can yield a more accurate quote. It is crucial to be upfront about these things with your agency so that they can reasonably accommodate your unique needs.

Identify Your Audience

Helping us to better understand your current and target audience is one of the best ways to refresh your brand towards future audiences that you want to market to. Answer questions such as:

  • Who are we designing for?

  • Who uses your website and for what reasons?

  • How do you want users to feel when using your site?

Demographic data is even better – this data can affect details such as typography, colour palettes, and placement of call-to-action buttons. Every little bit of information helps so don’t hold back!

Review Your Current Website

If you have an existing site, take a good look through it, and make note of everything that you like, love, and hate about it. We can retain all your preferred features while scrapping the ones that don’t work the way you’d like them to. Being clear about your opinions in your brief will make it easier to get on the same page. Then, we can implement more of what you like to perfect the approach that best suits your brand. Think of your brief as a conversation about your vision and needs. It doesn't have to be grammar perfect, just let it all out!

Be Deliberate About Your Goals

Is the objective of your brand design to increase customer engagement? Maybe it’s to spread brand awareness? Regardless of the reason (and there are many), you should absolutely figure out what it is exactly that you want to accomplish as part of your brief. Being transparent about your goals gives us everything we need to hit the ground running towards a classy outcome.

In short, the more information that you pack into your design brief, the better! A killer brief enables creative agencies to fully grasp the extent of your brand, the services you offer, and the direction that you’d like to go – we can take it from there.

Any questions? Don’t be afraid to reach out to us HERE!


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