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CHECKLIST ✔️ What you should expect from your content marketing team/agency

“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.” – Ann Handley

This little gem of a marketing quote got me thinking about content. It’s certainly become more than a buzz word for everyone and anyone in business over the past few years. If you’re a qualified and experienced marketer the concept isn’t (or rather shouldn’t) be that big of a deal. It’s our job to do that, especially if you’re in a communications, brand or creative role.

However, everyday we see small and large businesses alike being lead astray with promises of bigger, better, faster, trendier and even ‘special’ content. Sadly the outcome is often poor quality, off brand and zero growth. The thing is, content should be approached with the same strategic thought process and plan as any marketing activation. You need to stop and think about the who, what, where, when, how and why. It needs to mesh with your brand, your overall marketing plan and your channel strategy.

Remember! Content isn’t just your social media posts. It encompasses all your customer touch points and marketing channels – think website, brochures, point of sale, blog and email marketing as some examples.

With all that in mind we’ve put together a helpful checklist of what you should expect from your content marketing team.

  1. A plan and schedule of upcoming content to be created and delivered. This needs to consider your audience, products, promotions, seasonal events and the channels you deliver your content to.

  2. The ability to use your existing information and resources to develop multiple pieces of content for multiple channels.

  3. The capability, willingness and resource to research and develop new content for you in line with the overall strategy.

  4. A very strong understanding of and commitment to maintaining your brand identity and your value proposition for every piece of content produced.

  5. An innovative approach that considers the latest trends without following them for ‘trends sake’ alone.

  6. Transparent communication including regular measurement and reporting of outcomes and comparative results.

  7. A passion for brand and content with exceptional attention to detail. Advanced copy writing skills paired with creative flair and good design is essential.

As always, consistency is essential and good things take time and effort. Now it’s your turn. Review the checklist above and ask yourself if your business is on a path to long term content growth and success.

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