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Five Essential Social Media Content Tips

We don’t need to tell you by now that content is the KING and QUEEN of social media. We can however, share with you our top tips for creating fresh and juicy content.

1. Get to the point:

People read social media feeds in the same way they scan a newspaper or magazine. This means that headlines and images are the main event. Don’t save your key point until the end of your post, use it as the opening line.

2. Call to action:

When creating your post think about what you want the reader to do. Can you provide a link that directs the reader straight through to the page where they can buy your product? Do you want them to like your page? The action needs to be accessible and relevant.

3. Mix it up:

Think about your target market and develop a variety of posts that are useful to your readers and match your brands personality. Balance your posts to include imagery, videos, links and questions. Avoid creating content that is a blatant advertisement for your brand.

4. Tag tag tag:

Leverage your network and connections to build the reach of your posts. Can you tag or link to sister brands, networking connections and places that will increase the engagement of your post? Make sure you keep it relevant to avoid a perception of spam.

5. Share your glory:

You have created the perfect post and a number of stakeholders have shared your content. The job is done right? Wrong! Share this fabulous exposure with the world via your own social pages and digital channels. Remember, people often view content published about your brand by another entity as more authentic. Show it off.

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