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Evolving Kylie Brennan Coaching's Brand

From shaping Kylie Brennan Coaching's identity in 2019 to rejuvenating it in 2023

The Vision: Empowering Conversations through Refreshed Design. Crafting Authenticity. A Purposeful Transformation.

As Kylie Brennan Coaching's online presence flourished, the call for a refreshed brand identity arose. The brief included an extended colour palette and thoughtfully designed social media templates to foster genuine connections.

The Creative Solution: A Palette of Authenticity and Engaging Templates

Grounded in Kylie's values, we curated an extended colour palette that echos her essence. Each colour in the new palette was inspired by specific objects that resonated with Kylie. This allowed us to create an authentic aesthetic that encourages calm and emotional connection. Bespoke social media templates were also developed, each a conduit for her insights.

Impact and Outcome: Radiating Authenticity, Nurturing Growth

The transformation was tangible. Kylie Brennan Coaching's fresh brand identity infused her digital presence with newfound authenticity. The expanded colour palette adds depth, while the templates spur meaningful engagement. Kylie's brand, already synonymous with authenticity and growth, has elevated to the next level of connection with her community.

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