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Engaging Christmas Standee Design. Adding Festive Magic for Bangor Pharmacy

We can and will turn imagination into reality. Our collaboration with Bangor Pharmacy for their Christmas standee was a delightful project that showcases our commitment to creating memorable designs with a purpose.

The Vision: Bangor Pharmacy had seen our work on other campaigns and asked us to design an exclusive Christmas standee to enchant the team and their cherished customers.

The Creative Process: From Concept to Joyful Reality. Our design team translated our Australian Christmas concept into a heartwarming design. A fusion of imagination and expertise brought this standee to life. The standee was meticulously developed in-house at our studio from the initial sketch to the final result.

Impact and Delight: Unveiling Joy and Celebrating Connection. The result was a standee that radiated holiday cheer. The enchanting design brought smiles to the team and resonated with customers, fostering a festive atmosphere and lots of social media tagging!

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