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Elevating Brand Positioning in Alignment with Growth

The Vision: We are honoured to have worked with Amplify Wealth on their integrated marketing communications and design for over six years. As Amplify Wealth continues to experience year-on-year expansion, Tanya, the visionary force behind the brand, shared her aspiration to elevate its positioning. Our brief was clear: retain the logo's integrity (refreshed by us in 2021) as a beacon of identity while rejuvenating all other elements for a seamless, sophisticated, and inviting presence across digital and print channels.

The Creative Solution: Harmonising Vibrance and Elegance. Our process hinged on a delicate balance: infusing the vibrancy of Amplify Wealth's iconic orange with new dimensions. Black, white, and earth tones were introduced, delivering an air of sophistication while preserving the brand's warmth and approachability.

Impact and Outcome: Elegance Rooted in Identity, Designed for Progress. Amplify Wealth's digital and print channels exude a refined charm, seamlessly aligning with its evolved stature. The amalgamation of colours created an aesthetic that symbolises elegance without compromising on the brand's inherent warmth.

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