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Top 3 Current Marketing Trends

Updated: May 26, 2022

Now that you’re well and truly settled into 2020, it is a great time to look over the success of your current marketing plan for the year so far and see what you can optimise so you’re getting the most out of your marketing strategy. One thing you should definitely be keeping your eye on is the top marketing trends for this year and how you can be using them too.


Invest in more than one analytics software

This may sound more like a piece of advice than a trend but just hear me out. Most of us are using Google Analytics which is a great first step, but, this is just one information source and there will be data and statistics impacting your business that you just aren’t seeing. For example, if you’re struggling to generate website traffic what are you doing to measure the effectiveness of your social media content you are using to drive website traffic?

If you’re not tracking your social media content then you are missing out on a vital piece of data that could be telling you that you’re not engaging your audiences enough to then go on to drive them to your website.

Our tip: invest in social tracking software so you can measure the effectiveness of your content. There are plenty of tools out there so do some research and find the one that best suits the need(s) of your business.

Leverage more communication channels

We love email marketing but that doesn't mean email is the only channel we use to reach our audiences. If you’re manually collecting emails and updating that database, you’re only communicating to the same audience via the one channel.

Adding more touchpoints can expand your reach and reinforce the message you are trying to communicate.

Test out the various channels at your disposal and if email capture is still a major goal, chatbots and Facebook lead ads are strategies you should be looking into. Put aside some budget for testing as that is the best way to understand the best channels to reach your audience.

Personalisation is the key

Do you ever sit and wonder why the people landing on your website aren’t completing the goal action? You’ve done all the hard yards to create a user-friendly website and your strategy is driving users to the site but they just aren’t converting. Personalisation or lack thereof could be what is holding your business back. People are always looking for personalised service, whether that be a welcome message on your hotel room TV or a thank-you email regarding a recent purchase that actually addresses you by name.

Personalising the user experience of your website means your message can be relevant to more of your visitors.

For example, tailor your remarketing ads to show the exact content the user has already viewed and don’t serve them ads for things they have shown no interest in previously. Personalisation should also translate to your offline marketing strategy to further strengthen the relationship you have with your clients or customers.


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