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TMB Designer Showcase

Updated: May 26, 2022

I have challenged TMB Designers Emma and Shelby to choose three of their favourite design pieces they have created. Both Emma and Shelby have been able to flex their designer muscles across a wide array of clients from financial services and beauty to an international franchise company. Let’s celebrate some of their awesome accomplishments.

Emma’s Design Pieces

Just Cuts Easter Promotion Poster 2019

This project allowed me to combine the art of paper sculpture and digital software with a slight touch of photography. I really had fun in the whole process, starting with the sketches to the cutting and gluing of many, many tiny pieces. I had only used this technique once during my university days so there were a lot uncertainties, but in hindsight, they were just part of the process and in the end I was satisfied with my two whimsical Easter bunnies. We used the artwork as the main element cross a variety of promotion assets: posters, mirror cards, counter stands, social media tiles and email marketing. Seeing my poster in 200+ Just Cuts Salons cross Australia and New Zealand definitely made the whole journey worthwhile.

Q Loans Business Cards & Style Guide

This project is the happy child of a trusting client and good simple brief. Our client David from Q Loans had a very clear idea from the very start, he wanted the branding to present his service as easy and fast. A bonus, he also suggested some colours that he liked, winning! The process was simple, I feel the logo is the soul of a business/brand, so I started with a few sketches on paper then finalized them on computer. We presented him with a detailed style guide that contains logos, fonts selections, colour palette, as well as a few branding collaterals which included a business card, letterhead and email signature. We were fortunate to have a client that loves bold colours on the print collateral, so I really had fun selecting the papers and a fancy raised spot finishing.

Shanga Style Guide

As a female designer, designing for a business in the beauty industry is always a pleasure. Shanga is a spa and beauty bar service and they asked us to help them to refresh their brand that was sort of stuck in the old days. I came up with a brand-new style guide including refreshing new look imagery, social media templates, colour palette, font library, print templates and stationery items. I used modern fonts and simple but powerful images to 'modernize' their brand image. After the 'face lift' of Shanga's brand I went on to create a few print elements including menu, prescription flyer, media wall, gift cards and packaging.

Shelby’s Design Pieces

JUSTICE Professional Social Media Tiles

I recently bought a drawing pad to help add a little flair and personality to my designs and this was the first set of designs I got to test it out on. I picked up a few new tricks along the way and enjoyed the process of tracing the JUSTICE products to create an aesthetically different yet on-brand outcome.

Amplify Wealth Social Media Guide Refresh

This project involved refreshing Amplify’s social tiles to something more sophisticated, and fresh. I was able to design a new style suitable for audience of an older demographic with a “high end” feel. Even though this project wasn’t overly complex, it offered me the opportunity to tailor designs to a demographic I do not always target.

JUSTICE Professional EDM

This EDM was super fun to create, we were tasked with the job of promoting a free gift with purchase which happened to be a JUSTICE branded toiletry bag. I used a GIF of confetti around the bag to add movement to the design so it would attract more attention which was fun to create! It’s always great when I get to splash out with colour too!


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