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The Basics Of Design

Updated: May 26, 2022

Just to preface this one, I, Jemma, am NOT a designer, so this blog (and all in our design series) were written in collaboration with TMB Designers Emma and Shelby, so these ‘basics’ are coming from professionals.


Typically, designers have a greater understanding of colour from what shades and tones will look great together to knowing how colour will show differently on digital vs print assets (CMYK). If you’re the creative type, you probably have a pretty good idea of what colours will work well together and a designer can further guide you on this and also introduce you to new combinations outside of your own thinking. Furthermore, a professional graphic designer has a strong grasp on the emotive effect of colour, for example, we all know that red is a colour commonly associated with anger and aggression, however, did you also know that it is linked to hunger (red features in the McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and Dominos logo just to name a few). To add to this, psychology can be applied to the use of colour so designers can hit the ‘vibe’ and feeling that you want your brand identity to convey.


There is so much more to spacing and proportion than just font size. Pop quiz, do you know what kerning is? Well, a designer does, and they know how to implement it! FYI, kerning is the process of adjusting space between letters/numbers.

‘There are so many ways to look at spacing and proportion, however, a designer can interpret how this should best be used for your brand’ says Emma.

For example, if your business/brand is built upon sophistication and minimalism, a potential way for the logo to be designed could be with a sans-serif font with a wide space between typography to ensure simplicity and easy readability.

When choosing a typeface as part of a brand’s style guide it is important to consider the identity behind the brand and the target demographic. In our work for Amplify Wealth, Emma explains that the logo was made ‘sophisticated yet soft’ to reflect the female-led team.


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