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Know your audience: 5 ways to tap into Generation Z

Updated: May 26, 2022

Successful branding hinges on knowing your customer base. Being in sync with your audience opens the door for numerous benefits, like repeat business and staying modern with your industry’s latest trends. With that being said, why is it so important to market effectively to Generation Z? Also known by some as the “iGeneration,” these younger consumers boast global buying power upwards of $600 billion when considering the influence they have on their parents’ spending. Before targeting your marketing efforts towards this wealth of potential, read through the 5 ways that The Marketing Bungalow can tailor your brand to the younger generations!

Generation Z are almost exclusively the children of Generation X. Since 2019, there are more Australians born since 1980 than before it. This means that Gen Y (born from 1980 to 1994), Gen Z (born from 1995 to 2009) and Gen Alpha (born since 2010) now comprise more than half the population. Gen Z are digital integrators. They are too young to remember the arrival of digital technology and have grown up and in many cases, have been significantly socialised by screen-based devices.*

Eye-Catching Imagery

A 2019 report shows that Gen Z spends more time a day watching videos on YouTube than streaming content on platforms like Netflix. This is just one powerful example of the fact that younger consumers prefer digesting content that comes in smaller packages. Short-term video bursting and eye-popping graphics resonate with this generation – it’s why apps like Instagram, Snapchat, and now TikTok have boomed. Engaging design and motion graphics are two vital services we offer to equip your brand with the type of imagery that Gen Z consumers like to see.

Interactive Content

Another report from 2019 shows that, at that time, 51% of surveyed Gen Z youths believed that their generation is more creative than their predecessors. It is safe to say that this generation prefers to be engaged by content in two different ways: creativity and interactivity. Basic functionality like tapping, swiping, and clicking act as the foundation for many common apps. Gen Z wants to be able to do something when interacting with your brand – so let them!

Show Off Your Personality

Now more than ever, brands are being embraced for their humour and personality. Gen Z consumers don’t just want to be able to connect with your human side – they want to laugh, too. Fresh and funny content is sure to send ripples through the digital space. Meme-centric social presences get shared amongst Gen Z youths who like to share a laugh. Finding success engaging with this demographic hinges on having a distinct, organic, and unpredictable voice.

Embrace Your Values

Multiple studies have shown that Gen Z is very likely to rally around brands who champion the same beliefs that they do. This could be raising awareness for social issues, advocating for diversity, or anything else in between. Being adamant about values was once a bold strategy but now, it is seen as the expectation rather than the exception. The support from like-minded Gen Z youths is born from their desire to be seen and heard.

Improve User Experience for Mobile Customers

Nearly 100% of Gen Z consumers own a smart phone and use it over 4 hours per day. This goes to show that your digital brand needs to be just as accessible on mobile platforms as it is on computers. In order to capitalise on impulse buyers and social shoppers, your mobile experience must be seamless and quick. According to this report from PayPal, a majority of Gen Z shoppers will abandon a transaction that is too difficult or takes too long. No matter the brand, your marketing approach can be retooled to effectively resonate with Generation Z. Adapting your strategies is key to long-term success because these patterns are likely to continue with the generations of consumers that follow. Get in touch with The Marketing Bungalow or Bungalow Creative today for a quote or book a 15-minute consult!

Brand design and strategy is what we do. With our 30+ years of combined experience in creative, we are able to tailor marketing solutions for businesses at all levels, no matter your customer base. Give us a call today to learn more!

* Analyse Australia McCrindle Research 2021


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