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Updated: May 26, 2022

A business's brand is its greatest weapon in the fight to stand out from a cluttered market. In marketing, it is not enough to simply be different – it’s all about setting your brand apart and shining brighter than the competition. If your brand is a liability rather than an advantage, it needs a refresh.

Think of a brand refresh as a personal makeover for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to every refresh but by rehauling the branding and visual design, we can transform your business’ presence. It is not always easy to spot when your brand would benefit from a refresh which is why we offer our thoughts on knowing when the time is right. Just read on!

Brand Refresh 101

Much like every other marketing tactic, branding should have an impact on your bottom line. Otherwise, the time, effort, and expenses that go into it are a waste. A brand refresh may take some time to get right but the benefits more than pay for themselves, and it can often include elements such as:

  • Variations of your logo

  • Updated brand verbiage

  • New colour palettes

These subtle changes to your branding can yield obvious results, and they can often be the difference between remaining stagnant or staying up to date with our ever-evolving world.

Modernise Your Look

We may associate certain fashion styles with certain eras but what they all have in common is that they became dated. Not dissimilarly, brands can look visually outdated and failing to convey a progressive message visually can hurt your business. The point of a brand refresh is to stand out but only for all the right reasons! Trust in the professionals to leverage the brand equity you already have and bring it into the modern era.

Internal Changes Need to Show Externally

It is not uncommon for businesses to undergo significant changes internally throughout the duration of their lifespan, whether that be the addition or subtraction of services, changes to the business model, cultural transformations, and more. It is important for these changes to be reflected externally for your prospective customer base to fully grasp your identity and messaging so your new look on the inside will shine outward as well.

Refresh vs. Rebrand

An important distinction to understand is what a brand refresh entails compared to a complete rebrand. You don’t always need to start from scratch with a new name, new logo, and so on – which is what rebranding is. Many times, a business already possesses brand equity but would benefit from an updated look and feel. This is where marketing and creative agencies come into play. At The Marketing Bungalow, we can update your existing assets for a makeover you will love without having to waste brand equity.

The visual identity of your brand lays the foundation for customers to understand every attribute, characteristic, and message that separates you from the rest of the pack. If any of these circumstances resonate with the needs of your business, give The Marketing Bungalow a call today! We understand the significance of carving out and owning your brand position and our design professionals are here to review your brand strategy regularly – especially through periods of fast growth or change. Don’t get outdated, stay updated with The Marketing Bungalow.

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