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Three Simple Social Media Ideas for Mother’s Day

Here’s our top three lovely (and simple) ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day on your social media channels.

1. Video Content

There are lots of ways you can implement this tactic. Think along the lines of interviewing the Mums of your team members, getting your team to share a special message to Mum or even filming a ‘surprise gift drop’ of flowers to the Mums in your business. Don’t worry too much about perfect editing. Focus on capturing good quality imagery and sound which can be achieved on most smart phones. The authenticity of a ‘raw’ video is part of the charm.

2. Emotive Hashtag Campaign

Mother’s Day evokes many emotions in people. Engaging your audience with a hashtag campaign that suits your target market is an excellent tactic if you want to start a conversation. Try #ThrowBackMum and ask for photos of ‘Mum’ from another era (kick it off by posting your own) or maybe #MyBeautifulMum if you’re wanting people to share photos and stories about why their Mum is so special. Keep it simple, complicated hashtags with multiple steps will deter your audience from joining in.

3. Last Minute Digital Gift Guide

If your business sells a product or service that ties in with Mother’s Day don’t be afraid to ‘help’ your audience find a last minute gift that Mum will love. Collate a selection of suitable products and present them in an interactive way as a digital catalogue. Try a photo album post on Facebook, an Instagram story or even film your gift guide as a video for YouTube. Don’t forget to give your audience a call to action on how to buy. This tactic is all about helping your customers make their Mum feel special if they're time poor, so make it simple for them to take action on the purchasing journey.

The count down to Mother’s Day is on. And, go!

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