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It’s Time To Invest In Content Planning & Scheduling

Updated: May 26, 2022

If you have a job in marketing or if part of your role means you take on some marketing tasks, then you know how important it is to plan. From the obvious things like planning what campaigns you will run for the year to all the key components of a large campaign, one thing we tend not to plan so seriously is our content.

Content Is King

You may have heard this saying before, and it’s true, content really is king. How are you educating your audiences on your product or service offering? Do you truly believe that your paid advertising efforts can tell your entire brand story or educate your audience on a new product in its entirety?

Content whether it be a new blog on your website, social media posts or videos is an important medium to help position your brand and build its identity.

Failing to Plan Is Planning to Fail!

Why go to the effort of planning a fantastic campaign if you’re not going to leverage it in your social media or blog content? Plan social media posts to align with your campaign and try to squeeze in some extra information that would serve your audience. You can schedule these posts to go live throughout your campaign, so it remains top-of-mind and builds momentum.

If you fail to plan these posts, you will likely miss out on leveraging your campaign to the best effect and miss key timings.

The regular content you publish should also be planned to ensure you are highlighting key products/services regularly. The best way to do this is to create content pillars (usually 4 are enough) that reflect the key USPs (unique selling points) and unique offerings of your brand. These will inform what content pieces to write and also help you to offer a variety of content to your audience.

Key tip: don’t think just because you want to post something on the fly, you can’t. Posting something exciting or reacting timely to an industry-specific event is OK!

Posting content on the regular will also help you to build brand credibility and trust amongst your audience members. After all, how is someone going to form an opinion about your brand if they don’t know who you are? Another benefit to planning and posting regularly is that you will start to produce content that gets better and better and influence more conversions.

Furthermore, if you want to ensure your marketing funnel is comprehensive and nurturing people towards a conversion, you can use well-thought-out (i.e. PLANNED) content to reinforce your selling points.

Schedule to Save Time

Posting content every day or every other day becomes exhausting when your to-do list is never-ending. This is where you make scheduling software your best friend!

The ability to schedule content for the month ahead is game-changing, believe us. It saves you a bunch of time and allows you to ensure that you are posting to all your social networks.


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